No more creating spreadsheets and sweating over calculations to blend revenue data from ERP applications and other data stores with Salesforce. Sales teams can now instantly visualize and analyze revenue data across sales, operations and finance applications, to gain powerful insights around bookings, recognized revenue, quotas, forecasts and budgets.

Why Hilo?

Better revenue insight gives business leaders a clear perspective into accrued revenue against company forecasts and budgets

Better revenue forecasting gives sales managers a clear understanding future quota performance

Better analytics give sales reps a clear line of sight into the white space in their customer accounts

Hilo Navigator

  • Where can you grow revenue?
  • Which accounts should you focus on?
  • Which accounts are you at risk of losing?
  • Are you fully realizing the revenue you close?
  • Will you meet long term strategic plans, team targets and individual quotas?

Hilo Navigator brings your data to life, showing you where your efforts have been fruitful and where you need to spend more focus. Powerful multi-scenario revenue time series analysis engine based on Salesforce Einstein.

Hilo Plan

You can’t accurately predict your performance if you don’t have the full picture. Hilo plan provides Salesforce Account and Opportunity level bottom up revenue planning. Auto generation of revenue spreads based on different predictive methodologies. Manage revenue “On Account” and extend revenue projections based on account and opportunity characteristics.

Hilo AI

Want to know where your opportunities are with a client? Ask Hilo. Want to predict what percent of your revenue plan you are likely to achieve? Ask Hilo. Hilo R&D is currently engaged in a number of projects to be announced by Winter 2019.

Discover Hilo in Action