Hilo provides value to any industry that wants to manage the pipeline to revenue process and maximize revenue realization.

Specific industry solutions include:

Subscription-based Industries

Revenue is not always easy to predict in subscription based companies. Pay per use models, unpredictable customer churn and the longer term impact of pipeline is challenging to manage. Hilo can help organizations stay on top of their MRR and ARR and better see the future impact on recurring revenue based on selling efforts today and tomorrow.


Revenue at most Manufacturers and High Tech Manufacturers is not recognized until the product actually ships or taken possession of. An ‘Opportunity’ in CRM only represents a contract or an ‘intent’ to buy. These Manufacturers often track Revenue ‘on account’ that is not related to new ‘Opportunities’ or referred to as run rate business. Usually tracking is done outside of the CRM in spreadsheets or other data warehouses that are not only not timely but also outside of the CRM where we are managing our Accounts and relationships. Hilo brings all of this together to help Manufacturers focus on fully realizing everything they have sold and driving revenue growth.

Ask Hilo these critical questions:

Are my customers buying the volumes they committed to?

Are we hitting our targets & plans?

Do I need to adjust my forecasts due to recent events?

Are we effectively managing our targets by product/service categories?

Health & Life Sciences

The global market for Pharma and Medical Device Sales is filled with opportunity for growth and competition. Hilo creates and monitors actual Revenue to notify sales teams trends within their CRM. Combining both ‘Revenue on the Account’ from existing relationships with new Opportunity data in CRM allows Teams to create accurate forecasts efficiently and most importantly effectively the drive revenue.

Professional Services

Professional Services firms recognize bookings when Opportunities close, however usually recognize revenue and fulfil sales quotas when services are actually performed. Blend this revenue data with Salesforce and enable powerful predictive analytics. Track hours billed and utilization by account and opportunity.

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